Welcome, dear ones! Welcome to the Way of the River!

The Way of the River is all about the gorgeous Universe, the Spirit of Love made manifest in our lives, and the glories of life’s meaning.

In my bleakest hours, I have declared that life is meaningless, that the Spirit of Life and of Love is nowhere to be found, that the Universe is an ugly place.

These declarations are false.

The Universe is full of wonder and magic. The Spirit of Life and of Love is to be found in every migrating bird, in every soil microbe, in every kiss, and every kind look. And the meaning of life…

The meaning of your life is your own. You find it, live it, give it away in love to others so that they too may find a world to be free in. That is what we do, we seekers after Spirit.

Listen to the rush of water of your stream, your creek, your river, the one that has carried you through life and brings you around the bend at just this moment. Listen to the tales of your history, look for the shadows of your memories, and collect them all. The twining, rippling, crashing waters of your life’s stories will bring you to new heights, new depths, new bliss. This bliss is your birthright, the simple, brilliant gift of living attentively.

Together, we may discover deeper and deeper bliss with one another. Each in our place in this community of seekers we will grow agile as fish and rooted as the great rocks that turn the fastest rivers white. Come! Dip your toes into the edge. Come! Throw your whole, open-armed self into the current.

Welcome to the Way of the River!