The Journey to Wisdom

You are looking for more spiritual depth in your life. I can help! My ebook, The Journey to Wisdom: A Practice of Prayer, will help you deepen your connection to your own wisest, most compassionate self. It will bring you closer to the Source of Love. Finally, it will invite you into a life-giving spiritual practice that will nurture you in the long term. Sign up today!

Spiritual Direction

Work one-on-one with me in sacred conversation and accompaniment. We will discuss practice, belief, doubt, and the ups-and-downs of the spiritual life. I will invite you into more meaningful relationship with your Deepest, Wisest Self by means of listening, silence, ritual, prayer, and other practices. Read more...


Discovery and Deepening is a four-session teleclass designed to help participants enrich their lives with spiritual practice. Participants will seek relationship with their own Deepest, Wisest Selves through reflection on the development of religious and spiritual identities, as well as by engaging various practices, such as prayer, ritual, guided imagery, and altar-building. Read more...


Enjoy the stress-relieving, insight-inducing experience of guided imagery meditation. Begin with Rooted and Reaching, a reflection on the wisdom of trees, and find your ground, your center, your place between Earth and Starry Heaven.


The Way of the River Journal includes articles on practice in one way or another, or about other spiritual concepts like brokenness, healing, silence, or peace. Please join the conversation!