Welcome to The Way of the River!

Welcome, dear ones!

I'm Catharine Clarenbach, and I want to help you hear the voice of your Deepest, Wisest Self.

That Deepest, Wisest Self will never, ever, ever lead you astray. Never.

Life circumstances will always happen, but your wisdom, your power, your compassion, and your ability to swim through the circumstances of life--that's where that Self shines.

Listening for the River

I believe that by listening to the sound of the rivers of our lives, seemingly effortlessly flowing streams of energy, we can encounter our Deepest, Wisest Selves.

Do you hear? It's the rush of water of your stream, your creek, your River, the one that has carried you through life and brings you around the bend at just this moment.

Learning to hear the River of your life is learning to hear the nudging of Spirit of Life and Love. The Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit. In the final analysis, it is learning to connect with your own Deepest Wisest Self.

Most of us don't know--and have never been taught--how to connect with our Deepest, Wisest Self, the Self that is never apart from the Spirit of Life. We run around on the surface of our loves, never satisfied, never drinking from the infinite Wells of Spirit, never feeling the depth of our own souls.

What you will find here

At the Way of the River, I can help you meet the compassionate, peaceful, and knowing part of you that I call Deepest, Wisest Self. And by helping you meet that Self, I will help you change your life.

Through simple, customized, spiritual practice, you can begin to hear the wisdom of your own Deepest, Wisest Self. That wisdom will help you make better decisions, feel more peaceful, and bring more compassion and love into your life.

Through in-person and teleclasses, ebooks, and recordings, you will learn what YOU can do to bring depth and meaning to your life.

Finally, through reading my blog, you can learn about one seeker's mission--to come to know the Spirit of Life ever more deeply.

The meaning of your life

I encourage you to tell and listen to the tales of your life. Learn to tell your own story. Get still and hear your own heartbeat's song.

Engage the spiritual practice that will help you do all these things. Make practices that help you discover the meaning of your life. The meaning of your life, yes.

The meaning of your life is yours to discover, and at The Way of the River, I am ready to help you uncover it.

The twining, rippling, crashing waters of your life’s stories will bring you to new heights, new depths, new pain, and new bliss. This bliss is your birthright, the simple, brilliant gift of living attentively.

The meaning of your life is your own. You find it, live it, and then give it to others in love.

Together, each in our place in this community of seekers, we will grow agile as fish and rooted as the great rocks that turn the fastest rivers white.

Welcome to the Way of the River!