Rev. Catharine Is Currently On Medical Leave

Rev. Catharine Is Currently
On Medical Leave

Rev. Catharine Is Currently
On Medical Leave

Friday Mirror – 10 October

Friday Mirror – 10 October

Welcome to the Friday Mirror for 10 October, or if you will, 10/10/14.

How’s the week been?

Much better than previous weeks. Much less stressful.

Though the grief of Dawn’s passing is still with me, it is not the terrible lacerating thing it was in the first days. A dear friend has visited—which was absolutely lovely, and which, of course, bore its own stress of getting ready and hosting and recovery. My lovely wife has been away for a week and returned. September was hard. Now I find myself recovering my routine.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. If you are a regular reader or if you read Reflections, then you know that routine is very, very helpful for me.

What have I been up to?

On the subject of routine, I’ve been spending more time with my personal journal than I have in some time. It’s been lovely. Just to work out thoughts that have been noodling around in my brain; to think of things I need to share with you; to plan my next class after the one coming up in TWELVE DAYS!

I am working hard and fast on all the bits and pieces that will go into that class–Discovery and Deepening. It begins on the 22nd, and we have several folks signed up already. In fact, there is a possibility I shall have to cap the registration! (No one is more shocked at that than I am.)

So I’ve been writing lesson plans, producing worksheets, looking at bibliographical information, talking with folks who are or may be interested in developing their spirituality and practice.

(If YOU are that person, my dear, simply click here for more information, or write me through the Contact page.)

I’ve also been writing some guest posts for other folks—I’ll let you know when they’re coming out and where they are so you can peek on over and check out some other folks’ work as well as mine.

What qualities do I need to lean into this coming week?

Trust. Trust, for sure. I need to trust in my significant relationships, most notably those with my own Deepest, Wisest Self; with my spouse and other family; with my doctors; and with the unfolding of life, the Way of the River.

 And you, Beloved?

What do you need this week? Where have you been over the past week? If you like, share in the comments or on the Facebook page, or simply send me a note. Have a glorious weekend.

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  1. I said this recently, but want to make sure it’s clear — my inspiration for the current style of the Friday Mirror comes from Mark Silver’s Heart of Business daily check-in. I recommende it to anyone wishing to come at their business with a heart of Spirit.

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