Rev. Catharine Is Currently
On Medical Leave

A Bedside Missive


A Bedside Missive

Dear hearts!

Just the tiniest note because I’m still very tired, but I wanted you all to know that as of last Thursday, I was writing to you from my own bed!!!! I was in the hospital for a total of something like a little less than a month, and I’ve been having all kinds of medical difficulties before that. And you’ve been with me all the way.

Thanks to Julica, Ruth, Sara, Oscar, Karen, Jack, Molly, Peter, Joyce, Alice, and of course Julie. And thanks, too, for REAL, to everyone my mooshy brain is not remembering at the moment. I truly appreciate all your beautiful support. And those who have texted me, sent Messenger notes, or even “snail mail” notes, thank you so very much. Keep that line open, because I have a long road ahead of me!

And a super-special thank you to my team, Elika, Alexis, Katy, and Jillian!!! They are simply amazing, and I can’t imagine–for real can’t imagine–working with a more supportive, helpful, accommodating, and talented group of women. Thank you so much.

I expect to be in recovery for around the next six months. During this time, the Way of the River will of necessity look different from the way it has the past six years. But we can still support one another, still ride the waves — the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” — that life throws at us. And we can still look for the lessons, gifts, and joys that come to us even in times of great pain.

Persistently yours,

PS — If you are so moved to contact me, feel free to do so here.

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