Rev. Catharine Is Currently
On Medical Leave

Big Queer Entrepreneurial Minister

Big Queer Entrepreneurial Minister

Out Entrepreneurs with Rhodes Perry

Go ahead and give the above a listen — it’s like nothing I’ve ever done before! It’s a podcast about being a queer entrepreurial minister.

Totally fun, and totally authentic, because it was the second podcast I ever did. Kind of silly, but has been reported to be helpful to some fun.

So you want to hear my voice? Here’s a chance.

Want about how the Way of the River came to be? Here’s a chance.

And if you want to hear me say “I just wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote my butt off,” well then, here’s your chance!

“What are some of your superpowers…as a result of your experience as a member of the Rainbow Family?” The answer to that includes my glittery, queer cape, and I know that you want to hear about THAT!




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