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Glorious Water

Glorious Water

Okay, I just need to say, I am SO excited about the Sipping Sweet Water call we just had!

We had seventeen people on the call, folks participated, and were so insightful and engaged. I’m indebted to everyone who was on the line. Thank you so much!

Why am I so excited?

ocean with rocksI’m so jazzed because I LOVE the topic of the Element of Water. I only covered half the material I had because of our short time. I could have gone on talking with folks for hours! And it all felt so easy, so friendly, so lovely and engaged.

I wanted to talk about Thetis of the Glistening Feet, She who was the leader of the 50 nereids, the daughters of Nereus, ancient Ocean. I wanted to talk about Hera’s jealousy of her and her arranged abduction and “marriage” to Peleus. I wanted to talk about how Thetis was the mother of Achilles, the famed Greek warrior.

I wanted to talk more about Yemaya, about Olokun and Ochun, the Afro-Caribbean Ones I have been blessed to be introduced to. Yemaya, the Mother of the Fish, Olokun, the keeper of the deep, deep Oceans and the treasure at the bottom of the sea. And Mami Oshun, the Lady of the River, whose seduction no one can resist. And finally, Enrile, Yemaya’s child, who lives where the salt and the fresh water meet.

I wanted to talk about wells, of course. But that is for later. That is for Tuesday and the Tuesdays following in Digging Sacred Wells. Last night was just the moods of water, especially Ocean’s moods.

And everyone was so brilliant! Our list of modes of water, including aquifers, vernal pools, blood, sweat, tears, dew, and waterfalls…it was just amazing. Water is so amazing, no?

Frankly, I am just twitterpated by the energy on our call, and I truly hope some of you will sign up for our class together. It’s going to be brilliant, and will go much deeper (ha! Accidental pun) into the wells that have sustained human life for thousands of years.

But again, thank you SO much to everyone who was there. For those who weren’t, I’m truly sorry and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you sometime soon.

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