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The Upcoming Joys of 2016

The Upcoming Joys of 2016

Things have been awfully serious in my blog land lately. Sexual assault. Compost and death (on my Patheos blog). I think it’s time for some lighter fare. And some joy!

Katy Takaoka, my co-conspirator, and I met this week and planned out the rest of 2016. Now, I don’t know about you, but for someone like me, the idea of planning 6 months out is pretty damn amazing. Shocking, even. Certainly surprising. And definitely hopeful.

ocean with rocksFirst, there’s the Days of Discernment. The Days of Discernment constitute a home-study, go-at-your-own-pace (or just read!) program that is now available to folks who subscribe to Reflections, my weekly love letter. I send Reflections every Monday. They’ve been about courage, gentleness, fear, hope, love—all kinds of things!

At any rate, if you sign up for Reflections, you also get access to the Days of Discernment pages. Each Day of Discernment is a short teaching on a concrete, actionable, specific technique related to making good decisions. Invaluable, if you ask me, and it’s FREE to you when you sign up for my love letters.

Next, as the summer ends, I’ll be offering my next four-week class. A group of us recently shared a class on the moods of the sea and the history and magical life of sacred wells—the life of Water. This next class will be about the life and moods and Fire. From the embers of the hearthfire to the fire that revitalizes the aspens and the prairie to the persistent conflagration of the wildfires of the West.

bonfireI am SO excited about this class, I can hardly tell you. We’re going to have a great time, come equinox (our first class).

Then Saturday the 29th of October I will host a day-long retreat for the ancestors. We will bring tales of our ancestors of blood, love, and/or spirit. We will tell our tales.

We will honor those who came before us in a day of celebration and solemnity, both.

Finally, Saturday, December 17 brings a return of Going Into the Dark, a retreat for the northern hemisphere winter solstice. We will sink into the gathering dark, using ancient tools of contemplation, deepening, and centering in the dark time of the year. It’s a hard time for many of us, and it’s a great time to connect with others in a spiritual context.

Doesn’t that all sound great?! I’m SO excited. I even have plans for early 2017, so look out!

If you want to make sure you don’t miss the registration for any of these events, I urge you to sign up for Reflections so we can be in touch.

For now, though, thanks for reading and sharing in my joy!

creek runs through a snowy forest

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