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Lammas (from “Loaf Mass”) is here, and I’ve made a little video for us to share!

Lammas, as the first of the harvest festivals, the grain holiday, is all about the “fruit of Earth and work of human hands.” It is the holiday of bread and sacrifice, the body of the grain cut down, threshed, milled, worked, kneaded, baked, and given.

In Stone Circle Wicca, we teach about Thirteen Tools of Ceremony. This year, our nearest-to-Lammas class falls on The Cauldron. The healers, dyers, hearth-keepers…. the Tool of all of Them, all those we encounter as the Divine: One and Many, Male, Female, Both, and Neither (All and None). The Cauldron is the container of the Force of Love that gives life to the Universe.

Where do you find the Divine? Where are you working on the soup, the dye, the healing poultice that can help save the world? How can you be a conspirator with Divine Love, working to help us love one another better?

As ever, if you want to talk more about any of this, find me at I’d love to hear from you, truly.

Love and blessings of Lammas sacrifice made, given, and received –

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