Welcome and thank you, Beloved, for your interest in The Way of the River and the work of Rev. Catharine Clarenbach.

Rev. Catharine is on medical leave for the foreseeable future and is no longer seeing clients.

Below, please find a list of resources that may be of help to you in your journey:


Looking for companionship or learning in a progressive, queer-friendly, Wiccan environment?

We invite you to visit Stone Circle Wicca.


Looking for a place where Spirituality and Business Coaching meets? 

We highly recommend Heart of Business.


Seeking spiritual direction?

For people of nearly every religious or spiritual tradition — including those of none! — We recommend Spiritual Directors International. With a global reach, you will be able to find a spiritual companion no matter where you are in the world.


Seeking a Unitarian Universalist spiritual director, someone familiar with many traditions?

Check out the Unitarian Universalist Spiritual Direction Network.


Blessings upon you and upon your house ~

The Way of the River Support Team