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On Medical Leave

Morning meditation: The Forgetful Ones.

Morning meditation: The Forgetful Ones.

We are the Forgetful Ones.
We are the Ones Who Fail to Remember.

To remember You, great Source
From Whom all things proceed,
To which all return in the the fullness of time;

To remember one another,
The suffering, hunger, and
Surrounding us always like air.

Madness of over and above,
Trampled and below.

To remember Earth
Gaia, against Whom our selfishness
And our profound, profound forgetfulness
Wages a war

There is no winning.

We forget even ourselves.
Our worth, our strange and strangled beauties,
Our hidden dignity and sublime identity
And radiant Spirit.

Our ability, our great ability to atone
To make amends.

To commit, forget, and make and be made New.

To start from Now.



We Remember in this Circle.

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