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The Reason: You Are Ablaze

The Reason: You Are Ablaze

I’ve been writing a lot about this and that related to The Elemental Wisdom of Fire course. I’ve been writing about the topics and what we might talk about.

I’ve realized, though, that I haven’t given you a reason to consider taking the course. Sure, it sounds cool. Sure, the topics sound interesting. But why should you spend energy, time, money, and space in your journal for something that’s just “interesting”?

I have an answer.

We are disconnected.

sun setting over the Nile riverWe are disconnected from what makes us shine, blaze with a creative fire of the sun, be aflame but not consumed in our work and in our lives. We are disconnected from what arguably makes us most clearly beings of Earth and Starry Heaven—our energy.

We are lethargic. We are exhausted. We do not have myths and metaphors to get us through hard times, times of frustration and times of feeling empty.

It is our own internal fire, our blazing Divinity that helps us get through. This is different from the elemental wisdom of Earth, the ability to be solid or to be consistent. The elemental wisdom of Fire is that we are ablaze with glory.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. It doesn’t matter what your Myers-Briggs or your Enneagram or your sun sign says. You are a being made of energy, space, and a little bit of matter.

You are a being made of glory. You are an inferno, ablaze with ideas and passion. You are the lightning dancing across the sky. You are the ordeal, the daring one, the dancer and the thunder’s drum.

We can think of our glorious, brilliant energy, of literal heat, of creativity, hope, dreaming, persistence…we can think of SO many parts of us as fire.

So that’s why I hope you’ll consider looking at The Elemental Wisdom of Fire and learn how to be ablaze, though not consumed.

Blessings on you and on your house!

With love. ~Catharine~

sun setting over the Nile river

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