Ride the Rapids With Me

Ride the Rapids With Me


Oh my Beloved, there is so much I want to tell you. There is so much bubbling up at The Way of the River. So much.

I have put in some small notes in PS-es of late, but I wanted to take some time and tell you what’s up and where you might able to “plug into” some of what’s happening around here. Things are going on that are different from my ongoing spiritual accompaniment ministry. That ministry is always available to you, and you can find information about it on The Way of the River site. I love my 1:1 work, and I am delighted every time I receive a new client into that work.

But there’s even more happening than is on the site! More going on! More that is moving and shaking and changing the face of The Way of the River ministries!

Small Group Spiritual Deepening Ministry

First, I have opened a group of monthly, online, small groups to do intentional accompaniment together – only 4-6 people per group – once a month. One of the groups is for queer and neurodivergent people only, and as of this writing has ONE spot left. The group will begin meeting on October 13. Yes! So soon! And so WONDERFUL!

There are two other groups that are not identity-based, but to which queer and neurodivergent people are particularly invited.

One will also begin in October, and it is on the third Sunday of the month.

The other will begin in January and will be on the third Tuesday of the month.

Why am I offering these groups? Well, for one thing, WE NEED THEM! My people need them!. People who are like me, who want to spending some time really listening deeply, sharing bravely, and learning profoundly, need space and time to do that. And some of us find that we do it more easily in groups that we do 1:1. For one thing, there are more hearts “in the room,” as it were.

I am inviting folks to make a six-month commitment to the group they’re in, and if there’s not room in the group you’re interested in, I’ll keeping a waitlist, never fear!

Furthermore, if you’re an existing client of mine, or if you want to work 1:1, but you think the small group might be good for you as well, feel free! The options are not mutually exclusive. The Spiritual Deepening group sign-up does not include support between meetings, but you are welcome to sign up for 1:1 accompaniment added to a group membership. Contact me for more information about this option.

Wraparound Spiritual Accompaniment

Some of us are finding ourselves really desiring… not a monastic experience, exactly, that’s not what I mean… What is it? A deeper, more consistent spiritual focus, a way to connect1:1 and to curiously, honestly, bravely discuss matters of the heart and soul.

When I was asked, “How do you think you could best serve your clients?” the answer came to me immediately. When I thought of the deep, seeking, thoughtful people, I serve, I knew immediately what I should offer. I knew immediately what I would want, were I in the shoes of someone seeking spiritual accompaniment and depth work in my life.

The best way I can serve folks who are the mystics among us is by what I am calling Wraparound. And not even just the mystics, but the seminarians among us who are in discernment, those of us trying to decide what to do next, and those of us who know that our awareness of Spirit has been missing from our lives. We are thirsty for the Water of the Limitless Well, and we really want to take a deep drink.

Wraparound folks meet with me 1:1 twice a month, and also share email and Messenger contact with me in between times.

This is an opportunity for really deep work, work where you can feel held in all our complexity, where I will hold you close to my heart with unconditional positive regard, and where we can move together into the Land of Spirit together in a deep way. Again, find me and we’ll talk about this option if it feels like something you can use.

MFC Coaching

I remain committed, absolutely committed, to helping Unitarian Universalist Candidates for ministry get to the other side of their Ministerial Fellowship Committee interviews. Despite other changes, I love my MFC coaching so much, it gives me so much joy, I love watching my clients succeed and grow into their ministries.

While I cannot ever promise that anyone will “get a particular number,” or pass with a certain kind of commentary, I can in all honesty say this:  My clients, every one of them, have done well with the MFC. Now, there is of course, some self-selection there. My clients have time, energy, financial resources, and focus for their work on the MFC packets. I acknowledge that. But I also like to think that I have something to do with their success, as well.

My website is clear. It says, “My mission is to provide you, the MFC candidate, with a safe container in which you come to know yourself better: to understand and articulate your strengths, vulnerabilities, and growing edges, so you can minister as well as possible and reduce the anxiety that is often inherent in the process of preparing for the MFC.”

You can do it. You can get through the MFC to the other side, to Preliminary Fellowship with the Unitarian Universalist Association, ready for a fuller expression of your ministry. I am here to support you, so please do be in touch at any phase of your preparation and we’ll talk about it!


That’s a lot.

I feel a little tired, just having written it all out! How do you feel? Even if you’re not in a place where you heart is called to connect with any of these ministries, perhaps you know someone who might need one of them. Feel free to share my email: magic@thewayoftheriver.com or send people to the Contact Page on The Way of the River site to schedule a chat with me about who they are, who I am, and whether we might connect more deeply.

I’d love to meet you, if we haven’t met before. I’d love to talk, face to face, to learn about you, your hopes and dreams, the desires of your heart, and how I might be able to help you.

In the meantime, keep your peeled on this space for more updates and exciting news as we shake things over and find ourselves navigating the rapids on The Way of the River.

So much love and care –


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