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Rituals for YOU

Rituals for YOU

Rites of Passage and Other Ceremonies

I am available to make ceremonies for all occasions.

Perhaps the most obvious rituals in our culture are weddings, memorials, and baby blessings and dedications. I am available to officiate at all these and more.

As a Unitarian Universalist who has a Masters in Divinity, I am able to perform what many would consider “traditional”—which is to say in a familiar Christian structure—weddings, memorials, and child blessings.

I am also available to design or help you design the ceremony you’ve always wanted. There ceremony that might not quite fit into you or your family’s idea of a “usual” or “tradition” ritual.

Whether that’s a multifaith wedding, and atheist memorial service, or some other ceremony altogether, we can work together to create a powerful ritual you will remember for years to come.


Please contact me at magic <<at>> thewayoftheriver <<dotcom>> if you’d like to discuss the endless possibilities for ritual in your life!


There are other times in one’s life—divorce, graduation, initiation into a new time of life (such as the bridge that one crosses at menopause)—that also call for ritual, but which our culture doesn’t acknowledge well. Furthermore, there are anniversaries, holidays, seasons of the year that bear marking in a conscious, intentional way. Learning to dance a May Pole, making a Sacred Circle to honor Memorial Day, lighting your space with candles and ceremony for Christmas or Winter Solstice…the chances to enrich your life with ceremony are so varied!

I have made ceremony for one person who needed healing from an especially painful break-up. I have participated in sacred Circles of five and seven. I have made public ceremony for a dozen people at once, up to as many as 300 at once, on a hilltop under the sky. I have preached in churches both small and large, and have performed weddings, funerals, and baby blessings in church settings.

I am a skilled and experienced liturgical musician who respects others doing that ministry. I’m excited to work with your musicians as they contribute to the whole experience.

I am used to working with people of all ages. No one need feel left out. Children, adults, elders. People familiar with the kind of ceremony we’ve made and people for whom it is a new experience. Everyone you bring to the ceremony is welcome and will be invited to engage at whatever level they feel comfortable, whether that’s as a witness to your wedding, as a singer in a congregation, or as an active participant in speaking, reading, or blessing.

Let’s talk about it! The world of ritual is our oyster, as they say, or bowl of cherries, or rose garden, or something.

Are you feeling the need for something, but you’re not sure what? Let’s talk!

Are you clear on what you want a ceremony to feel like, but you’re not sure how to put it together? Let’s talk!

Email me: magic<<at>> thewayoftheriver<<dotcom>>  and let me know what you’d like, or we can set up a time to talk face-to-face.

One way or the other, we’ll make the ceremony of your dreams happen!

Many, many blessings on your and on your house!


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