Shameless Evil

Shameless Evil

I can’t be silent about what has been happening in the US. And I have been in the hospital this week, so I give you words that are not my own. I ESPECIALLY exhort you to take the time to read the article. (It needs an editor, but the content is brilliant.)

The following article speaks directly to the heart of what is happening in the United States today, and that is the rise of evil. The blatancy and shamelessness of evil. The United States has always treated immigrants abominably, put indigenous children into Indian Schools away from their parts, sent Japanese-Americans to internment camps, separated Chinese-Americans from their families… this is not new, but it is evil, and needs to be understood as evil. Not as being misled, not as miunderstanding, not as lack of education or information, but as evil. And what is evil? Well,that’s part of what the article explores. Please, please read it.

Trump and America’s Evil by Ed Simon

The remark below, along with the article to which I’ve linked, are the most important things I’ve read this week. They are not my own work, but they speak directly to my concerns right now. This is a paraphrase of the original statement.

My fellow citizens,

The rise of this blusterous man bewilders the educated among us, conjoins opposing politicians, agonizes our international allies, threatens minorities, spits on the disabled, and touches the hearts of those who just don’t know any better.

Let us stop propounding how mad this all is, but instead, do something.

Liselotte Hübner
Germany 1929


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