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Shuffled: We or the Cards?

Shuffled: We or the Cards?

“It is we who are shuffled; not really the deck.” – Jonathan White

My dear friend and ritual partner, Jonathan, was talking about Tarot cards when he said the above.  He was referring to the idea that whether one is pulling a card for the day or laying out a spread to read for a particular question, it is the randomness of the shuffle that is important. At least, that’s how I interpreted it.

It is not a personally Divine ordering of the cards. Rather it is the way the cards touch parts of our minds, especially our subconscious, and bring up issues, concerns, and intuitions. When I pull a card—whether a Tarot card, one of Louise Hay’s Power Thought Cards, or one of the Power Deck cards I sometimes use—I am not asking for something supernatural.

I am asking that my intuition be triggered. That I might hear commentary on the question, “What am I missing?”  Or that something I am refusing to address will push itself to the front of my mind. Or that I’ll just have the chance to think about something in a new way, from a new angle. So right now, I’m going to pull a Power Thought Card.

photo (2)

“I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do.”

An encouragement, perhaps, to do what fulfills me. A reminder that fulfillment in this life is possible.

I have the thought that I’m not sure I “believe” affirmations, but that I find moving toward them is helpful. I also feel tremendous gratitude for the huge swaths of my life where I AM fulfilled. Now I’ll put this card on my altar and consider it later in the day. I’ll maybe spend some time with it over lunch. Perhaps write about it a bit.

What are you missing today? What do you need to hear? How can you connect with your intuition?

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