Yemaya Assesu and Spiritual Guests

I have written about spiritual pillaging. And about spiritual tourism. And now I write about spiritual guests. In some traditions I have been a guest; more than just a visitor, but not a full member of the community. My time with the Religious Society of Friends, also called the Quakers, and my time with African […]

Home Sweet Altars Part II

Someone, a dear colleague friend, called me “devout,” did I tell you? I’m still processing that. At first, I thought of some kind of overdone piety. Some part of me stepped back. And then I thought of the years of Catholic liturgy. The years of Wiccan and other Earth-centered worship. The years of Quaker meetings. […]

Glorious Water

Okay, I just need to say, I am SO excited about the Sipping Sweet Water call we just had! We had seventeen people on the call, folks participated, and were so insightful and engaged. I’m indebted to everyone who was on the line. Thank you so much! Why am I so excited? I’m so jazzed […]