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Today, Today, Today!

Today, Today, Today!

Hello, friends. Just a tiny note;

Today is the free, full-length discernment class. At 5:00 Pacific Time today (4 December), we will share a discussion about what discernment is, what issues in our lives need discerning, and various methods of discernment. We will then go into depth with one mode, one method of discernment, talk about the mark of a well-made decision, and finally, cover the #1 attitude that is necessary for discerning well.

If we have time, we’ll use the process we’ve learned for a live coaching session with a volunteer from the class. See discernment at work!

Even if you can only come for part of the call, even if you can’t come to 5:00 session at all, it’s worth your time to sign up. Why? Because there will be a recording sent out to those who sign up, whether or not you’ll be on the call.

So go to the sign-up page and I’ll “see” you tonight!

blessings of peace!


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