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You Are the Ones

You Are the Ones

“We are the ones, you are the ones, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. ” (Sweet Honey in the Rock)

You are the ones.

Today, I just want to give you an update on where we are here at The Way of the River. I am so deliciously, delightfully, unselfconsciously grateful to everyone who reads, everyone who’s downloading The Practice of Prayer, everyone who gets and reads the newsletter, and all those of you who have given feedback, commented on the blog or on Facebook.

You are helping me move along with this heartfelt project, and helping me learn what I do and do not what to do.

Some things coming up:

First, I sincerely hope that you will sign up for Discovery and Deepening, the spiritual practice class I’m offering at the end of October and beginning of November. I’m going to be changing its page to answer more questions, and to give some more concrete information.

Furthermore, it has occurred to me that you might have some questions about it I haven’t anticipated. So I’m planning a free, half-hour call to talk about what the class might be. What is spiritual practice? What do you need to discover? Where can your practice use deepening? Who are you and what do you need from me?

Second, I’ve had some new ideas for classes and email series. What would you think about learning about Tarot? I know that some of you who read already practice some kind of divination/reading, and it occurs to me that we could have some great conversation about it. So I’m considering having a card-a-day email that discusses ways of engaging cards and divination in general, as well as the card in question. Does that appeal? I imagine it would be most appropriate for those who have some acquaintance with Tarot through those who are quite experienced.

I imagine it as more of a conversation, with learning on all sides, rather than any kind of one-sided lecture-style writing from me. I realize that in the Unitarian Universalist world in which I still swim, Tarot and other forms of divination are not highly valued (and in some circles, actively disdained). But divination has been part of my practice for 22 years, and it’s something I find very helpful. See my post on “shuffling” for more about my beliefs about Tarot.

It’s more and more important to me to be authentic. To preach from my experience, to write from my knowledge and beliefs, and to offer what I authentically have in the hopes that it can help others.

Third, I’m going to be revamping my page on Spiritual Accompaniment (Coaching). If you would, give me some feedback about that page and what I should keep and what is unnecessary. If there are things you know you need in the spiritual development department, let’s talk about it. I really want to hear what you’re needing and what I can offer.

Poem interpretation

Favorite Bible passages


Discernment: Making difficult decision in hard times

Moving through grief

Guided meditations

Embodied spirituality — especially, but not limited to work as a far priestess and minister

You are the ones I am here for and who are helping me in this process. You are helping me listen to my Deepest Wisest Self, and I want to help you in a similar way.

I know I’m asking a lot—it’s because I trust you and know that you’re committed to the success of The Way of the River. I have a zillion ideas and more all the time. If those ideas are useful and of service, then they’re worth following.

Staying in the flow of the River is partly about staying in the flow of service. It is about my own leadings, yes, and what Spirit is nudging me to do, for sure. But it is also about making things, writing things, singing things that are of benefit to others. And you, my dears, are the ones I want to serve.

So, as George Herbert said in his poem, “Love (3)” – “What d’ye lack?” What do you lack? Where can this ministry be most helpful? Thank you so much for everything you’re doing–out in the world, here, and in your own brave, wonderful hearts!

Blessings on you and on your house!

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