Catharine is truly magical. Her ability to create and lead ritual is unparalleled (and I am very picky about that!). Catharine has taken me to deep and powerful places, and I am profoundly grateful for her capacity to hold space and help me feel safe as I’m doing deep work. That she can do this through the inter-webs and that we do not have to be in person with each other is especially mind-blowing. To work with Catharine is to be held deeply. I highly recommend it.

Julica Hermann De la Fuente

I would not have made it through the gauntlet that is the MFC process without Rev. Catharine; it’s as simple as that. During my darkest hours, her prayerful presence allowed me to find the strength within myself to press on. Choosing to allow Rev. Catharine’s support and expertise into my formation and preparation process was an act of self-care. She is thoroughly knowledgeable, deeply wise, and helped me to set a firm foundation from which I could leap to my MFC interview – and reach fellowship! I encourage every ministerial candidate to contact Rev. Catharine as soon as possible in order to begin to lay out a plan that best works for you in your own journey towards ministerial fellowship.

Rev. Megan Mathieson

So many thanks to Rev. Catharine for helping me through so many ups and downs in my career. Her coaching was instrumental in my recent ministry search process, which got me my dream job! Her clarity of thought, and deep reflective insights have been so important to me. She sees me and my blessings and growing edges and helps me see them too. When I started to doubt myself, she helped me remember to recenter and trust in my inner strength. I’m so grateful for all her help!Her joy and laughter, calming presence, and genuine care are hallmarks of Rev. Catharine’s ministry.Rev. Catharine has a rich knowledge of the Unitarian Universalist ministerial formation process, which makes her an asset to any minister looking for support and guidance.

Rev. Sara Goodman

Madison, Wisconsin

It was wonderful being companioned by Catharine through the last couple of months of my MFC prep. I was carrying a lot of anxiety about the process, and hearing Catharine’s voice always calmed me and made me feel held. At first she served as part spiritual director/part coach in order to help me frame what I wanted to say in my essays and to keep me grounded and to remind me of the sacred fire of my calling. We established a schedule to which she kept me accountable—something that was important since I am prone to procrastination and had deferred my MFC appointment once before. Catharine consistently provided very helpful feedback on my essays. She’s an insightful and gifted editor who helped me improve my writing and really get to the heart of what I wanted to say, especially in my theology essay. Although it was scary, she encouraged me to throw out the first draft of my MFC sermon and to preach to them outside my comfort zone. In the end, I believe that her coaching and support were what enabled me to receive the highest mark from the committee. Catharine helped me fully claim who I am as a minister, boosting my confidence and reminding me of all that I have to give. Throughout the process she tailored our sessions to my needs and was pastoral in her coaching–firm when I needed to be pushed more and very caring and present on those days when I felt frustrated, tired, or lost. I highly recommend her very reasonable services!

Rev. Stephanie Gannon

Pittsburgh, PA

I have known Catharine for about 3 years and I can honestly say that she clearly exemplifies what it means to be a soul traveler. Her ministry tools are deep and intuitive. She exudes an ethos of caring and presence that is difficult to find. Discernment is a careful and sometimes deeply emotional activity and I cannot think of another person that I would want to travel alongside than her. Do not miss out on an opportunity to connect with this fabulous human.

Jack Mandeville

The path to ordained ministry can be a lonely and difficult one. Working with Catharine as my coach helped me through the process and greatly contributed to my being welcomed into preliminary fellowship last month. Her regular support, knowledge, accountability and encouragement made the difference for me.

I found Catharine’s coaching truly amazing and invaluable. She helped make what felt like an insurmountable mountain manageable by creating smaller goals and cheering me on every step of the way. Her support, encouragement and gentle pushing helped me find what I needed within myself to make it to triumphantly to the summit.

Working with Catharine, I felt accepted just as I was, while facing this sometimes anxiety-producing evaluative process. She helped me trust myself and my own process rather than be tossed about by others’ stories and experiences. Catharine is truly a compassionate, inspiring and gifted coach.

Rev. Karen Scrivo

Bowie, MD

I am so deeply grateful for the ministry of coaching and encouragement that Rev. Catharine Clarenbach provided as I prepared for my appointment with the MFC. We met every week or two over Zoom from May through August as I prepared my MFC packet and sermon. Catharine has an editor’s eye for clarity and syntax in writing. She has a deep and broad understanding of UU history, theology, global religious traditions and an unwavering commitment to anti-racism, anti-oppression, and multiculturalism. Her insightful feedback and compassionate encouragement helped me to walk into my appointment feeling prepared and confident.

Of all the valuable support I received in preparing for the MFC, including an MFC cohort group and advice from mentors, the time I spent working with Catharine was by far the most helpful. Catharine’s positive, professional support was the extra boost I needed to overcome my anxiety about MFC prep and to really let my light shine!

Rev. Julie Price

Falls Church, VA

The privilege of having had a connection to Catharine Clarenbach over the past 15 years has allowed me to benefit from the spiritual evolution that she has gone through. I have been able to benefit from the wisdom that has been garnered through Catharines continual religious and spiritual development in our engagements and our conversations and have often sought counsel from her in terms of my own journey, knowing with certainty and with conviction that she has travelled along my same questions and concerns, meditated on them, explored them and is now able to share her wisdom with me.

I live in another country, on the other side of the world, yet our engagement through digital technology – whether it be email, notes or skype is always authentic and engaging. The empathy that Catherine has is evident in her writing and in her conversation and if you are seeking a guide, who truly connects with you on your journey, I could not recommend a dialogue with Catherine Clarenbach highly enough.

Katharine Liese

Johannesburg, South Africa

I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Catharine over the last few years on matters spanning spirit, specifically, and all aspects of managing a whole and healthy life. She is gifted and intuitive, compassionate, and insightful, offering both tactical and strategic help, tools, and occasionally advice. There are times when a guide’s main job is to stand beside you, and simply listen – Catharine does this with both empathy and non-judgment. She is able to raise flags gently and cut to the heart of the matter, then look with me at obstacles and next steps.

In addition to helping guide with gentle hands, and cultivate a gentle way of being in my life, Catharine brings a VAST knowledge of various traditions, which is helpful and inspiring. If you have the opportunity to work with Catharine as a guide and partner, walk that path without hesitation.

Tracy Hayes

Redwood City, CA USA

Catharine Clarenbach was a delight to work with. Catharine’s blend of first hand experience and deep spiritual wisdom left left my audience members with so many healing takeaways that I know this interview will be reshared and treasured for years to come.

Dalia Kinsey

Host of Body Liberation for All

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So what’s one step you can take in the direction of your own deepest, wisest heart?
What’s one way that you can be encouraged in your journey to that place where your
own wisdom and the voice of the Divine come together?

I invite you to download my book, Your Perfect Day, a guide book for those
needing to be fed by Spirit and seeking ways to get that nourishment.

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So what’s one step you can take in the direction of your own deepest, wisest heart?
What’s one way that you can be encouraged in your journey to that place where your own wisdom and the voice of the Divine come together?

I invite you to download my book, Your Perfect Day, a guide book for those
needing to be fed by Spirit and seeking ways to get that nourishment.