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It’s You!

It’s You!

Spiritual Seekers with a Desire for Deepening

That’s you, I bet!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, I bet it’s you.

qira laughingI attended a call today about how to describe and attract “our people,” “our tribe,” and what I would say are the people I feel called to serve. It was given by a friend of mine in the spiritual entrepreneurial world, Taylor Ellwood.

So as we spoke about what we don’t what, what we do want, who we hope will come our way, and what we want to offer them, the words, “spiritual seekers with a desire for deepening” came to me. They just bloomed out of the center of me.

I could almost see the flower of joy they created.

Spiritual Seekers

Spiritual seekers are people who are looking for someThing. They may not know Who or What It/They is/are. But they are looking for that someThing.

But that’s not the whole story.

There’s something else that I’ve observed in my classes, my spiritual directees, my retreatants, and those who work with me on their ministerial credentialing—basically everyone I work with. There is a desire, a hunger, a curiosity and openness to deepening.

The deepening doesn’t come from me. Rather, I witness and honor the story of your deepening. I witness and honor your seeking and yearning.

I share the tools of the spiritual life that have helped me delve into the wells of Spirit. I offer some of the experiences I have had that left me amazed, saved, rescued from despair and indifference. I give what I have to give and you make what you have to make of it.

I cannot express how grateful and joyful I feel right now, writing this little missive.

Thank You4BlueGreen

Thank you for reading. Thank you for coming back, even when sometimes I misstep or try
to push the River when it’s so unnecessary.

I encourage you, you seekers and yearners after Depth… I encourage you and hope you will consider signing up (if you haven’t already) for my weekly love letters, Reflections, AND the Days of Discernment self-study that comes with them.

Even if you have no interest in receiving Reflections, I am grateful for you. I am joyful for your very existence.

I love you and I’m so happy you’re here.

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