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This Is For You

This Is For You

What are we doing here?

Why am I writing this blog?

What’s in it for you?

As I say on my About page, I know that there are folks out there in Internet Land, as well as folks I know in “real” life, who are longing for what I long for.

Depth. Understanding of self, others, Earth, and Universe. Expansivenes. Spaciousness. A sense of the Intimate in the Ultimate and the Ultimate in the Intimate.

Many of you have not found what you’re looking for in religious institutions. You may call yourselves “spiritual, but not religious.” You want meaning. You’d like authenticity, integrity, compassion, and wisdom in your daily life, but you haven’t found a place that truly nurtures those qualities.

You’d like to be seen. You have a disability, visible or invisible. You are queer in a way your community doesn’t understand or truly accept. You are a person of color in a largely white tradition. You believe that there must be a place for the wholeness of who you are.

While I cannot do “all the seeing,” I can make a beginning. I can step one toe into the water, and hope that others will join me. Others who will be able to perceive and embrace what I can’t yet and who, in so doing, will encourage us all.

I believe that we can grow a community, beginning here on this blog.

I believe that you want others who understand your seeking and yearning.

I believe that you can find within yourself that which you have been seeking outside.

I believe we can learn and teach, share and listen, reflect and express.

And I believe we can do this together. Each for ourselves. Each for the others.

The tool, the method, the Way I have found most helpful in my own explorations, is attention to and reverence for the turning Earth. For seasons and times. For anniversaries and cycles. For circles and spirals and spheres.

And so that is where we are beginning, with the calendars of seasons.

The week following Beltaine, the month of May 2014 CE.



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  1. Oh, Catharine, This is so, so necessary. And, as always, you weave the words so beautifully and with such truth. Thank you.

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