Come and Be One

Come and Be One

My dear comrades –  

Today’s tiny, short video includes a song written by our own comrade, Eldritch, many years ago. It was also sung at the Stones Family Gathering over Labor Day weekend, a festival to raise a 3-ton trilithon gate on the land at Stone Song Center in Flintstone, Maryland. Roles, ropes, sledges, winches, pulleys, and lots of hard work pulled those Stones and raised them. No tractors. No trucks. Just many people working together to pull and pull and pull together.  

The song included in the video goes like this: 

Come and be one. 

Become one. 



It is a reminder for us all to remember that in order to do the hard work of life, we need to be where we are, each of us with our own comrades. Each of us working toward a better world, pulling together. Each of us in our own becoming, our own evolution. Each of us exactly where we are, with whom we are, and who we are this moment. 

Let us take a breath… 

Let us just be. 

I love you –  


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