Rev. Catharine Is Currently On Medical Leave

Rev. Catharine Is Currently
On Medical Leave

Rev. Catharine Is Currently
On Medical Leave

The Dimming of Our Light

The Dimming of Our Light

Dear hearts –

Today, as I say in my video, is all about the light.

It’s all about the middle of autumn, the height, or the midst, if you will, of the light’s dimming. Of the light’s slanting, here in the Northern Hemisphere where, even as we grow closer to Sol, our yellow star, our sun, the light grows flatter, more golden, less bright.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the rains have returned. The flowers that are left are the varieties of coxcomb, aster, statice, some daisies (the ones on my table are, as you can see, a bit sad), and the remnants of alyssum, coleus, and the other flowers we planted what seems so long ago in our whiskey half-barrels.

The light is shifting, my friends.

We have just had the climate strike day, and even all this week, some folks who are able to “take the hit,” as it were, are striking, following youth all over the world, led by Greta Thunberg, that gorgeous, tiny, autistic prophet. We are demanding that those in power do better, that, as Greta said, they “try harder,” and “listen to science.”

The light is shifting.

What will the Dark, the close and holy darkness, bring for you this year?

What nuts are you hiding away to get you through, like the squirrel digging into what’s left of my petunia’s, hiding away her giant, green acorn?

How will you meet the slanting of the light?

Blessings of the dimming light to you, blessings of the feast of Michael and All Angels, Michaelmas, that marker of the season of autumn in full swing.

Blessing, blessings, and blessings on all of us, that we may be blessings to Earth, our only home, the only Eden we will ever know…


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  1. I love hearing you talking about the seasons with such perceptiveness, Catharine. That’s a beautiful video, poetic. Here in New Zealand we are at spring equinox. It’s nice to be reminded of the polarity of the seasons, and what’s happening for you in the northern hemisphere. We too are watching the light, but for the increase in our case.

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