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Discerning What’s Going Right

solstice sunrise with snow and tree
solstice sunrise with snow and tree

Discerning What’s Going Right

This post is one of gratitude. Or perhaps, as some people choose to think of it, a post about what’s going right.

A thousand things go right for me every day. Though I’m having a hard time physically right now, my heart is still beating, my lungs fill with air whether I think of it or not, my legs carry me, I have good health insurance which allows me to have the medications I need each day, I am typing to you on a computer that works, I am blessed with a joyful and harmonious marriage, and I have an embarrassment of riches in the form of friends and family.

I could go on and on. What went right today? It’s a great question to consider each evening, or even just when you think of it.

What went right today?

I want to share with you something that’s been going right.

The Way of the River class, Growing Our Souls is a very small group of us. I asked myself whether the participants would have a good experience with so few. I went into discernment about it, my ultimately, my body said yes, my heart said yes, and deep in my Wise Self, I heard a yes.

I am so glad I asked myself and so glad I heeded the answers

Discernment, honestly and diligently entered into, is so helpful. I never cease to be amazed at it, though it’s something I’ve studied for 15 years.

Growing Our Souls is beautiful.

The participants are open, sharing, and deep. They are open to the material, and they bring their own insights and questions that open up new thoughts for all of us.

I am so grateful. This class is surely something that has been going right, and I pray for it to continue to do so. Thanks so much for the participants. I so look forward to seeing you on Tuesday night.


It occurs to me, as I am about to sign off, that I might mention something here, in the context of discernment.

I have a discernment-focused offering that some of you might find helpful. If you’re struggling with a particular question, a direction in life, whether to stay or go, whether to move into the unknown or stay where you are for now…or any of a thousand specific questions these descriptions point to… If you’re just plain trying to decide or get clarity about something, this offering could be for you.

The Discernment Package has several pieces. The first is a recording of my teaching on the body scan for learning how your body says yes and how it says no. The second piece is three, live sessions with me to discuss and work on what you’re discerning. The third is unlimited email with me throughout our time together. Last are the email recordings of all our calls/online meetings.

Normally, my in-person meetings are $90 apiece. The whole Discernment Package is $250—a significant difference, especially considering the recordings and the additional teaching. As usual, if you’d like to connect with me and talk about whether this might work out for us, feel free to schedule a half-hour meeting at no cost.

Blessings for a beautiful and harmonious day.

solstice sunrise with snow and tree

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